Have You Tried a Bunch of Sales and Marketing Tactics, But Still Your Message Isn't Attracting Clients and You're Spinning Your Wheels Trying to Grow Your Business or Get it Off the Ground?


Exclusive 3-HOUR
Craft Your Compelling Mission & Vision Statement Workshop
June 1, 2022, 10:00 AM Pacific

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 Entrepreneur, coach, and professional athlete that's built 4 successful businesses using her mission driven method

How often do you think “I wish I could accomplish more?”

The sad truth is…
Most coaches are trapped in a vicious cycle of chasing sales and marketing, frustrated with failed results and not knowing how to break free to elevate their thoughts and actions to attract their ideal clients and build a life and business they love.
BUT, imagine if in 3 hours I can help you:
  • Connect the dots from your past to your coaching Purpose -  this isn't something you need to create, and it’s definitely not something you define based on the market or money. Your calling and your purpose already exists inside of you, and once you uncover it you will be buzzing with anticipation. 
  • Define your unique Stand - which is ingrained in your personality, and will give you a powerful foundation from which to grow your coaching business. 
  • ​​​Identify your coaching Mission - so you are clear on WHY you have been called to this work, and have a clear intention behind your actions and decisions.
  • ​​Craft your compelling Mission & Vision statement - so you create more persuasive messaging (which will bring you more clients), and have unstoppable confidence in your direction.
This 3-hour workshop is for coaches who want to get unstuck in their life or business. After you go through this workshop, you’ll have the clarity and confidence that’s needed for you to go from overwhelm and struggle, to attracting ideal clients who can't wait to work with you!
Give me 3 hours to show you the inner-game of life and business, I promise it will be the BEST decision.
Hey I'm
The Coach's Coach
Female entrepreneur and pro athlete who figured out how to build and grow businesses from a soul-centered vision, while traveling with my family around the world, living location independent, and homeschooling my daughter. 
And oh yeah, I used this same process to manifest my husband in exactly 2 days! Fifteen years later we still go on regular dates, I relax at the spa every Friday, and still have plenty of time to hit the gym and snuggle with my daughter and dog. 

When you're mission-driven, business doesn't have to be hard. And you don't have to sacrifice quality of life to build it.

Since starting my entrepreneurial journey 17 years ago, I’ve:
  • Founded four companies from the ground up, one of which I sold for a substantial profit, that continues to thrive
  • Coached thousands of high achievers, in multiple industries, to personal success and transformation
  • Overcame stage fright to speak in front of thousands on stages around the country
  • ​Turned PRO in the sport of bodybuilding at age 43
  • Been named one of the Top 30 Life Coaches of 2022 by Disruptor Magazine
And I'm on track to 5x my company while working an average of 20 hours per week and competing in my sport every year!

Partner with me and let me show you how to get crystal clear on your mission and vision so you can create the business and life you desire.
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